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Success story-
Spices products Biofertilizers production, Weekly Agro Advisory for Pune District

Staff details of Krishi Vigyan Kendra

  • shete Mr. Prashant G Shete

    Mr. Prashant G Shete

    I/c- Senior Scientist & Head (SMS-Agronomy)

    Qualification - MSc Agronomy

    Mobile - 9766456683

  • shete Mr. Bharat G Temkar

    Mr. Bharat G Temkar

    Subject Matter Specialist (Horticulture)

    Qualification - MSc Horticulture

    Mobile - 9422519143

  • shete Mr. Yogesh B. Yadav

    Mr. Yogesh B. Yadav

    Subject Matter Specialist (Soil Science)

    Qualification - MSc Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science

    Mobile - 8275005212

  • shete Mr. Rahul G Ghadge

    Mr. Rahul G Ghadge

    Subject Matter Specialist (Agril. Extension)

    Qualification - MBA in Agri Business Management

    Mobile - 9766624722

  • shete Miss. Nivedita S. Dawkhar

    Miss. Nivedita S. Dawkhar

    Subject Matter Specialist (Home Science)

    Qualification - MSc Home Science

    Mobile - 9975219831

  • shete Dr. Dattatray B Gawade

    Dr. Dattatray B Gawade

    Subject Matter Specialist (Plant Protection)

    Qualification - Ph.D. (Plant Pathology)

    Mobile - 9421270510

  • shete Mr. Dhanesh S. Padwal

    Mr. Dhanesh S. Padwal

    Programme Assistant (AHDS- Incharge)

    Qualification - PGDM-ABM, Bsc Agri.

    Mobile - 7709451066

  • shete Mr. Vaibhav V. Shinde

    Mr. Vaibhav V. Shinde

    Farm Manager

    Qualification - BSc Agri., PGDMM

    Mobile - 9890231891

  • shete Mr. Vinod S. Jadhav

    Mr. Vinod S. Jadhav

    Programme Assistant (Computer)

    Qualification - Master of Computer Application

    Mobile - 7588625228

  • shete Mr. Abhijit A. Keskar

    Mr. Abhijit A. Keskar

    A. O. S.

    Qualification - M.Com, G.D.C.& A.

    Mobile - 9766456721